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Waterman Consulting Engineers believe that quality of service and superior Client care differentiates us from our competitors. We have the expertise, skills and experience to deliver highly competitive, client-centred solutions.

Educated in UCC, Eric Waterman began his engineering career in the early 90’s. Upon returning from Libya, he founded a small Engineering Paractice in 1996.
Since then the company has grown organically to provide consultancy in engineering disciplines such as structural, forensic, environmental and project management.
Throughout the years Watermans have maintained an interest in, and critically embraced, new technology in the built environment.
Watermans strongly subscribe to Continuous Professional Development and encourage and reward staff who further their education – from accounting to Laplace Transforms.
In this spirit we hope to provide our customers with an enthusiastic, resourceful, and efficient service.

Waterman Consulting Engineers’ reputation is for proven ability, expertise, integrity, common sense, personalised service, value for money, sound judgment, discretion and attention to detail.


One of our Engineers becomes your own Personal Engineer who can draw on the expertise and experience of the entire team.


Competitive fees
We develop realistic solutions which give best possible return on your expenditure.


We are a long established practice with a commitment to a life-long service to customers.


Continuous Professional Development ensures compliance with the constantly changing landscape.


We can solve all your needs with our comprehensive range of technical services and seasoned experience.

Client Focus

Waterman Consulting Engineers take a long-term view of the relationship we have with our Clients. Our aim is to maintain and enhance that friendly and courteous standard of service.