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Waterman’s Environmental Policy 2018-04-28T19:34:27+01:00

Environmental Policy Statement

Waterman Kelly Consulting Engineers are a Civil Engineering Company providing service to a broad range of public and private clients across the many areas of the Irish Construction Industry. We are committed to environmental protection at each and every level of our business activities and to continually improve the company’s environmental performance.

The Company will ensure that our Environmental Management System is delivering, and will continue to deliver its commitment to the environment by:-

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, standards and codes of practice, and Client and other requirements.
  • Periodically reviewing and updating the Environmental Management System to ensure it remains effective.
  • Ensuring that the Environmental Policy is actively communicated to all employees and interested parties.
  • Providing adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to all staff to prevent any possible pollution to the environment.
  • Adopting a system of integrated pollution control through reuse, recycling and waste minimisation for all company activities.
  • Ensuring the correct management of all wastes, therefore maximising the efficient usage of natural resources where ever possible.
  • Continuously monitoring and regularly reviewing Company environmental performance, to ensure protection of the environment.
  • Setting realistic objectives and achievable targets to enhance environmental performance including energy efficiency and waste management.
  • Committing to social and ethical principles.
  • Ensuring that sufficient resources (labour, supervision, plant & equipment, programme time and budget) are provided to suit the stated environmental objectives and targets.
  • Including environmental issues into training and development of employees.
  • Assessing the environmental impact of our methods, procedures and activities in all aspects of the Company business. Including nature, scale & environmental impacts of our activities and services associated with civil engineering and general construction.

This Policy Statement will be communicated to all employees and is available to any interested parties on request. The Environmental Policy will be reviewed annually and/or in the event of changes in activities, processes or changes in legislation.


Signed: ________________ Date: 26th April 2018

Eric Waterman

BEng., CEng., M.I.E.I.